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Jiangsu JSI Technology Co., Ltd, is located in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, which is close up to Shanghai, the biggest city in China. Our city boasts fertile land, beautiful landscape and superior geographic location, which makes the traffic very easy. With a registered capital of 10 million RMB, our company is dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of various process equipment in different processes such as extraction, concentration, evaporation, distillation, crystallization, mixing, drying, purification, decoloration, winterization/dewaxing, degassing, waste gas absorption and etc.Our equipment is mainly applied to the fields of pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, brewing, dairy, fats and oils, light industry, petrochemical and so on. Our products diversify as extractor, concentrator, evaporator, distiller, storage tank, fermenter, mixing vessel, reaction vessel, filter, heat exchanger, condenser, wiped (thin) film evaporator, falling film evaporator, MVR evaporator, molecular distiller(short path distiller)...

JIANGSU JSI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Website: www.jsjsi.com
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JIANGSU JSI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD ADD: Suite 1, Building No. 7, Jingzhu Yuan, Donghujinghua, No. 111, Southeast Road, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China (Zip: 215500) Contact Person: Steve Yin Mobile phone: +86 18662321680 Email: steveyin2013@163.com / sjbequipment@gmail.comWebsite: www.jsjsi.com