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Tanks are mostly made of metal, you know?

Storage tanks are used to store acid, alkali, alcohol, gas, liquid and other refined chemicals. Storage tanks are widely used in north China, mainly including polyethylene storage tanks, polypropylene storage tanks, FRP storage tanks, ceramic storage tanks, rubber storage tanks, stainless steel storage tanks, etc.

In terms of storage tank price, now steel liner polyethylene tank in the most superior, and its excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, long service life, etc., appearance can make type, horizontal transportation, mixing, and many other varieties.

        Sealed containers used for storage of liquid or gas steel is steel tanks, steel tanks project is oil, chemical industry, grain and oil, food, fire control, transportation, metallurgy, national defense and other industries indispensable and important infrastructure, our economic life is always inseparable from the big and small steel tanks, steel tanks plays important role in the development of national economy is irreplaceable. With the continuous development of sight tank industry, more and more industries and enterprises use to storage tanks, more and more enterprises into the tank industry, steel tanks is to store all kinds of liquid (or gas) the raw material and finished products of special equipment, no storage tank for many enterprises cannot normal production, especially the national strategic materials reserves are inseparable from the various capacity and types of storage tank. Most of the oil storage facilities in China are above ground storage tanks, and most of them are metal structures.