Square Type Frame Filter


This Multi-layer Frame Filter is made of high-quality stainless steel which complies with the GMP standard. It is suitable for sealed filtration of liquid with low viscosity, little slagging and the concentration≤50%, and it can reach the precision filtration and half-precision filtration like refining, sterilization and clarification. The user can use the micro porous-membrane directly and the materials will be done by the aseptic filtration without having to pass through the micro porous-membrane. This filter has wide filtration area, big flowability and wide application scope. So it is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. It features particularly goodresults when it is used for filtering injection liquids in pharmaceutical companies.



All parts of the machine are made by SUS304 or SUS316L. It can filtrate each solution with different PH value. This machine adopts sealed pressure-filtration. In this way, it will have a good result which boasts low waste, good quality and high efficiency. The user can achieve the different process requirements(e.g. initial filter, half-precision filter, precision filter) according to the different filtrated solution. The user can change the filter membranes, and reduce or increase the quantity of filter plates according to the users’ product flow, in order to meet the production requirement. The filter plates are easy to clean, stable in structure which never deform, so the service life of the filter membranes can be very long. This machine is equipped with liquid infusion pump which is also made of stainless steel. It is equipped with four wheels on the bottomso that it is easy to move it around.

The press filter is a Square Type and the model is 500mm*500mm, 16 filtration boards, flow: 8Ton/hr, filtration area: 4 square meters, material of construction: SS316L.