Small WFE Unit
0.5m2 WFE Unit


        This main machine(0.5m2 WFE) is composed of motor, coupled with driving shaft of the material distribution plate, evaporation chamber, heating jacket, wiper system, and bottom liquid receiver.

        The wiper system is driven by an electric motor installed on the evaporator externally. The mechanical seal ensures the sealed installation of the driving shaft. The wiper basket consists of a distribution plate, which evenly whips the material to the surface of the evaporator, as well as a vertical guiding rod covered or housed by a wiper roller. The rollers are lined up on vertical guiding rods. As soon as the wiper basket starts rotating, the rollers are pressed into the material membrane located in the inner surface of the evaporator by the effect of centrifugal force. Every roller will form a bow wave in its forwarding direction.

        By means of distillation, the light components in the mixtures are evaporated and condensed. As a result, the separation goal is achieved.


1. Gentle distillation under vacuum state;

2. Lower evaporating temperature; 

3. Short detention time;

4. Heat transfer area increased by turbulent film;

5. Wiping of films as viscous and solidified as possible;

6. Achievable pressure 1 mbar.


         It can be applied to the processes of deodorization, purification, concentration and so on in the industries of foodstuff, pharmaceutical, oil and fine chemicals.


         The machine is a complete wiped film evaporation system which includes 0.5m2 WFE, condenser, cooler, receiver tanks, heater, chiller, internally connecting pipes/valves/instruments and a SS skid. This main equipment has a heat transfer area of 0.5 square meter. The inside finish is mirror polishing, the outside finish is sandblasting. The type of wipers can be Roller Wiper Type, SWITH Type and Hinged Type for choices according to our customer's different processes.