Wiped Film Evaporator (Thin Film Evaporator)
4m2 WFE System

The machine is a kind of highly efficient equipment for evaporation and distillation, which disperses liquid into evenly-distributed thin firm by means of high-speed revolving. It also features functions of deodorization, defoaming reaction, heating as well as cooling. It is widely applied to industries such as Chinese and western medicine, foodstuff, light industry, petroleum, chemical engineering and environmental protection.

Performance and characteristics:

Even the flowrate is small, the Wiped Thin-firm Evaporation can also form the thin firm because of its centrifugal type slide-groove rotors. The accretion to be deposited in the liquid that adhere to the inside shell of the evaporation chamber is swiftly swept off by movable wipers. Comparing with the wiper evaporator with fixed clearance, the evaporation capacity may enhance 40-69%.

1. It features high heat conductivity coefficient and greater evaporation capacity. The evaporation intensity can reach 200 kg/m2 per hour, with a higher thermal efficiency.

2. The heating time of materials is shorter, which lasts about 5-10 second. In the vacuum state, it is more favorable to process heat-sensitive materials, thus ensuring the quality of products.

3. The equipment can be adapted to the processing of different kinds of materials with varied viscosity. We can even deal with materials with the viscosity up to 100,000CP.

4. We can adjust the evaporation time of materials by changing the inclination of the groove on the wipers.

5. The inner shell for the evaporation section is to be processed by precision boring and polishing treatment, so the inside surface is not liable to be coked or scale formed.

6. It is easy to operate the machine and adjust product targets. Under the sealed condition, continuous production by automatic control can be realized.

7. It takes little floor space with a simplified structure. Also, it is easy to maintain and clean.

Technical parameter: