Vacuum System
Roots&2-stage Dry Screw Vac Set


     The vacuum set is a three-stage vacuum system, which features a combination of a Roots Pump and two-stage Dry Screw Pumps, equipped with ABB motors on all the pumps, NOT Ex-proof type. Roots Pump is the air-cooled type, ultimate pressure: 5*10-2Pa, pumping rate: 70L/S; The Dry Screw Pump is the air-cooled type, ultimate pressure: 3Pa, pumping rate: 50m3/H, power: 1.5KW per set. This vacuum system is mostly applied to the work conditions for processing materials of oils and fats, which requires deeper vacuum level.

        The vacuum set boasts three vacuum pumps, which features compact and beautiful design c/w top-quality accessories, with everything built on the equipment skid or a separate skid based on the customer's choice. We can design a suitable vacuum set according to our customer's actual needs and make it TO ORDER. For more details, please contact us.