Lab&Pilot-scale SPD
3-stage Pilot-scale WFE&SPD UNIT

         It is a well-assembled unit MADE TO ORDER. The whole unit is made of SS316L. It is a three-stage system including a preflash stage, complete with piping/valves/instrumentation and controls. The first stage is a preflasher, the 2nd stage is a 0.2m2 WFE and the 3rd stage is a 0.2m2 SPD. Voltage: 460V, 60HZ, 3 PHASE. It is equipped with SEW motor reducer with UL Cert, the motor is NOT ex-proof type. It is coupled with four gear pumps. The system is complete with a preflasher, a feed tank, four gear pumps, a automatic control cabinet with SIEMENS PLC&HMI. Both The inside finish and the outside finish are polishing reaching sanitary grade. The well-assembled unit can be fitted into regular container for shipment. For more details, please contact us.