Lab&Pilot-scale SPD
0.1m2 SPD Unit

Picture of Back Side:

         It is a complete 0.1m2 SPD unit with controls for lab scale, which is MADE TO ORDER. The system features beautiful and compact design, with less required work space. The construction material is SS316L for the contact parts and SS304 for non-contact parts. It is a single-stage molecular distillation system, complete with piping/valves/instrumentation, a SS304 skid and controls. The SPD has an evaporation surface of 0.1m2. The SPD is equipped with SEW motor reducer, the motor is NOT ex-proof type. Voltage: 460V, 60HZ, 3 PHASE. The system is complete with a feed tank, one feed gear pump and two discharge gear pumps, a small control box and one skid. Both The inside finish and the outside finish are polishing reaching sanitary grade. The well-assembled unit can be fitted into regular container for shipment. For more details, please contact us.