Industrial Scale SPD
Two-stage SPD System

SPD Series molecular distillation equipment is also called short-distance distillation equipment, which is used in soft separation of heat sensitive materials or high boiling point materials. It is widely applied to various processes such as deodorization, purification, concentration and etc. in the fields of petrochemical, fine chemicals, medicine, pesticide, foodstuff, fats and oil and environmental protection.

General descriptions:
Short path distillation is a continuous separation process working under vacuum conditions to 0.001 mBar. A heated wiped film is formed under turbulent but non-stressful conditions on the inside of the evaporator establishing excellent heat and mass transfer conditions.  The pressure drop between the heated wall where  vaporization takes place and the close placement of the internal condenser within the short path distillation unit allows a considerably lower operating pressure in the Short Path Evaporator as compared with other wiped film evaporator technologies. 
We provide both short path distillation and wiped film (or thin film evaporators) selecting the best technical and commercial fit for your application.
Typical pressure range of operation for short path distillation is in the fine vacuum range to as low as 0.001 mbar.  This low pressure allows the required evaporation temperature to be decreased so far that very heat sensitive materials can be separated effectively when the low pressure is coupled with a short residence time.
Different from our Wiped Film Evaporator designs the condenser isolated inside the short path evaporator and a very short distance from the heat transfer surface. The distance for the vapors between evaporative surface and the condenser is extremely short. There is an extremely low pressure drop.

Various rotor designs are employed to allow processing thin through relatively viscous products while maintaining excellent heat and mass transfer.

It is a complete Two-stage SPD Unit. The first stage is a 1m2 WFE and the second stage is a 1m2 SPD. It is a complete ready-to-use molecular distillation system which includes the main equipment, cold traps, external condensers, material tank, storage tanks, internally connected piping/valves/instruments, gear pumps, vacuum sets, heaters, chillers, controls and a skid for the whole unit. The control system features SIEMENS PLC and touch screen, with all the electric components from either SIEMENS or Schneider brand.