Reaction Vessel
Huge Reaction Vessel

        This equipment is usually applied to many processes like material reaction, blending, hydrolysis, neutralization, crystallization, distillation and evaporation in the fields such as pharmaceutical, chemical, petro-chemical, foodstuff, light industry and etc. Normally, we use stainless steel as the construction material, like SS304, SS316L or dual-phase stainless steel. The various types of agitators are available for choices like anchor type, frame type, paddle type, propeller type and etc. The sealing device is mechanical seal, which can be either single-side or double-side one. As for heating/cooling, we can use regular jacket, half-coil jacket, dimple jacket or inside coils for realization of heating/cooling. For the heating modes, we have steam heating, electric heating and hot oil heating for our customer's choice. 

We can design and manufacture this equipment to satisfy the customer's actual needs based on our customer's given technical data.