Mixing Vessel for liquid
15KL Mixing Tank


        The mixing tank is specially designed according to the customer's requirements. The full volume is 15.2KL. The tank is vertical cylindrical type, single-layered, without jacket or insulation. Construction material for all the contact parts is SS316L. Work pressure inside the tank is ATM. Both the inside finish and the outside finish are mirror polishing, sanitary grade. It is equipped with SEW motor reducer, motor is horitontal type(to reduce the overall height), variable frequency motor, NOT Ex-proof type. The agitator is the paddle type, three layers. A Ø500mm Sanitary Manhole(with sight glass) is mounted on the top head, two spray balls are provided on the top head for cleaning. The glass-tube level gauges of two sections are mounted on the side. The tank is equipped with four supporting legs. The inside ladder is mounted for maintenance purpose. The load cell from Mettler Toledo is mounted on each leg. The overall height of the tank is about 5.4 meters with load cells mounted. The tank is completely sanitary which comply with the GMP standard.

        The tanks are designed particularly for the max size of the regular container loading for saving shipping costs. For details, please contact us.