Mixing Vessel for liquid
Mixing tank for mashed potato

1. Main Application
     The equipment is designed for the application of mashed potato mixing. This mixing tank is equipped with Anchor&Frame Type Agitator and all-around PTFE scrapers on the agitator in order to wipe off sticky materials to be stuck on this inside wall of the tank. Two spray balls are mounted on the top head to facilitate the cleaning of the inside.

2.  Main Technical Parameters
Full volume:7.32m3
Useful volume: 6.2m3
MOC: Inner shell:SS316L, Jacket:SS304
Heating surface:14.8m2
Design pressure for inner shell:ATM  
Design pressure for jacket:0.3Mpa  
Design temperature for inner shell: 140 ℃
Design temperature for jacket: 140 ℃
Heating media:Hot water
Agitating motor power:11KW, motor is horizontal type, Not Ex-proof, variable speed type, rotation speed:about 30r/min
The agitator is Anchor&Frame Type, Equipped with SEW motor reducer and all-around PTFE scrapers on the agitator.
It is coupled with insulation and SS cladding, the insulation material is aluminium silicate and the thickness of the insulation layer is 75mm.
Both the inside finish and the outside finish are mirror polishing, reaching sanitary grade.