Mixing for powder
Two-dimensional Mixer

The principle: 

   Two dimensional mixer is mainly composed of three parts. That is, rotary drum, dancing rack and support. Rotating cylinder lies on the swinging rack, composed of four roll and two stop wheels supported by the axial location, in four supporting rollers, wherein the two driving wheel is rotating power system manually to make the cylinder rotate, swing frame is composed of a set of crank rocker mechanism to drive the crank rocker mechanism in. The frame and the swinging rack is supported on the frame bearing group.


     EYH series two-dimensional motion mixer can be carried out simultaneously in two directions, a rotating drum. At the end of another tube to swing with the swing frame. At the same time, the material is mixed in with the rotating drum, flip, mixed, with the rotating cylinder swing back and forth about mixing and movement, in the interaction of these two motions, materials can be mixed fully in a short period of time. EYH series two-dimensional motion mixer is widely applied to mixing of powder and granular materials.