Magnetic Mixing Vessel
145L magnetic mixing tank

Specifications and features:
        The total capacity of the tank is 190L, the working capacity is 145L(max). It is vertical cylindrical type, 4 supporting legs, without jacket or insulation. The vessel body is coupled with a pair of equipment flanges with a hinge. The contact parts are made of SS316L and the non contact parts are made of SS304. The inside diameter of the tank is 500mm and the shell height is 700mm, total height(from top to ground) is about 1500mm. The design pressure is 1.5 bar and the test pressure is 2.5 bar. It is equipped with a bottom-mounted magnetic mixer and SEW reducer, the motor power is 0.37KW, speed range: 355rpm. The inside finish is Electro Polishing, reaching Ra≤0.2 micron; the outside finish is mechanical polishing reaching Ra≤0.8 micron. It is coupled with a stainless steel control box for speed control(with VFD) and power control.