Conical Mixer
3000L Conical Ribbon Mixer

Profile of equipment

        With the ideal mixing effect and advanced design, this mixer can handle the mixing of various kinds of materials, which features wide ranges of applications such as blending of solids(namely, powder with powder), liquid/liquid mixing and powder/powder mixing in many different industries like chemical, metallurgy, foodstuff, drinks, pharmaceutical, pesticide, Fertilizer, dyestuff, rubber, construction materials, feedstuff, additive, fire resistant material, fine chemical, ceramics and so on.



        The vertical Conical Ribbon Mixer is especially suitable for mixing of viscous materials like paste and mash, as well as powders and granules. It is widely applied to the mixing of adhesive, silicon rubber, dyestuff, pigment, oil paint, resin, vanishing cream, unguent, detergent, washing powder, food additive, milk powder, salt, aginomoto, chocolate, feedstuff, bio-fertilizer and other new-type construction materials.

Structural Features

        The equipment is composed of single-pole reducer(Continuously Variable Transmission), drive part, vessel cover, vessel body, internal spirals, outer ribbon, discharge valve and other main parts.

Main Technical Parameter

         This vessel has a capacity of 3000L. All the contact parts are made of high-quality stainless steel, which complies with the GMP standard. The discharge valve of the equipment is located at the bottom of the vessel, the type of the discharge valve is the Knife Valve, manual type. We can also provide with valves of other types based on our customer’s actual needs.

Name of equipment

Filling coefficient

The fineness of the   material

Relative deviation

Working conditions


Ribbon   Conical Mixer



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