Nutsche Filter Dryer (Three in One Machine)
Three-in-One Machine

Agitated Reacting Nutsche Filtering, Washing, Drying (three in one ) Machine

Product description:

Multi-functional filtering, washing, drying (three in one ) machine is a solid-liquid equipment with the functions of filtration, washing, drying reaction and residue discharging automatically.



It is widely used in fine chemical, petroleum, foodstuff, printing, pharmaceutical industries, Glyphosate, Penicillin and so on.


Advantages over other conventional equipment:

1, Full enclosed filter, no leakage, no pollution
2, Solid-liquid separation can be realized under pressure or vacuum state. Filter cakes evenly distributed when filtering which has good effect.
3, Stirring system can stepless speed regulating and multi-function work. It can enlarge furthest for the cake space, thus filter cake can be fully cleaned; the time of drying is reduced greatly, with high efficiency.
4, Discharge valve can fulfill discharging automatically which can lower labor intensity.
5, Especially suitable for the materials with large solid content, which enables recovering of liquid phase and solid phase respectively.
6, Adopting horizontally placing filter material, one time completely filtering no remains. Filter material has unique sealing structure which is easy to be changed.
7, Anti
-corrosion three in one system is made of special material which can be suitable for multiform anti-corrosion medium.
8, Multiple processes like stirring, mixing , beating , reacting, filtration, washing and drying can be realized inside one body, which the fully automatic controls can be carried out.