Grinding Machine (Crusher)
Ultra-fine Grinder

WFJ series Fine Mill /Ultra-fine Mill


  The WFJ series fine grinder consists of three parts. I.e. main machine, auxiliary equipment and electric control. It features compact design and reasonable structure. Its principle is air-selective type, with no sieve or screen. Being installed a grading mechanism inside the machine, the crushing and grading can be finished at the same time. Under negative pressure, conveying of raw materials during crushing can force the heat produced from the chamber to be exhausted out continuously. Therefore, it can also be suitable for crushing heat-sensitive raw materials. The application scope is wide and the production process is continuous, and the size of the output granules can be adjusted. It can deal with the crushing and the classification of many kinds of raw materials, such as chemicals, foodstuff, medicine, cosmetics, dyestuff, resin, shell materials and so on.