Grinding Machine (Crusher)
Self-sucking Fine Grinder

The work principle of Self-sucking Crusher:

         The materials are fed into crusher from the Open Hopper, and then further into the crushing chamber. The materials will be crushed by the blades inside the chamber that are rotating under high speed. After crushing, the crushed materials will be pushed by the positive-pressure airflow caused by the high-speed fan blades installed on the side of the chamber, thus small granules go through the sieve along with the airflow and then are to be classified for sieving. And eligible materials enter into the Cyclone Separator for being discharged, while ineligible materials returns the chamber for repeated crushing.

         A part of superfine dust is to be collected by Dust Collector, and clean air will be discharged into the air after dust removal. Therefore, the Chamber of this Crusher will not be overheated for this reason. Moreover, there is a strong airflow in the Chamber which keeps pushing the materials out. So it has a superior effect on crushing of some heat sensitive materials and sticky materials like coffee bean and vanilla bean. It features superior advantages over the traditional crusher such as avoiding overheating problem, preventing the chamber’s passage from being blocked due to long-time crushing of sticky or heat sensitive materials. So it is a new and innovative model taking place of the regular crusher, which is specially designed for crushing coffee bean, vanilla bean and etc.


        The machine features the fan-blade structure inside the chamber. So it blows the air out of the chamber when the machine runs, thus it carries away most of the heat quantity caused by grinding inside the chamber and meanwhile it supplements the air from the outside continuously. Therefore, the biggest advantage of the machine is that it won't cause overheated thermal energy inside the chamber, so the nature of the materials can be kept well, which is especially suitable for grinding heat-sensitive materials.

        Because a strong pulling-outward wind force is generated inside the chamber of the machine itself, so the materials already crushed to the targeted mesh size(the crushing mesh can be obtained by different sieves) will be all taken out by the wind force, which eliminate the phenomenon of long residence time of materials inside the chamber for overheating prevention. Also, it yields much more than the conventional universal grinder so that the output can be increased greatly.

        The model features a quick-detachable structure, the machine is easy to clean and maintenance, which is in accordance with the GMP requirements.

        Besides, the feeding hopper of the crusher can be designed according the user’s actual operation conditions. We can modify the height of the copper for easier operation of feeding.