Fitting and Accessories
Tiltable Jacketed Cauldron

       There are two kinds of cauldrons for choices based on the customer's actual requirements. That is, QJ series (without a mixer) and QP series (with a mixer).

The cauldron consists of cauldron body, jacket, support, worm and worm wheel. The cauldron body can be rotatable within 180 degrees, which makes the discharging easier. The equipment is a kind of open-top concentrator, which is mainly used in decoction and concentration of feed materials in many industries such as pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical engineering and light industry.


It is widely applied to processing of meat, herbal medicines, candy, dairy, cake, beverage and can products. It also can be used for boiling of porridge, water and rice in a restaurant or an eatery.


The machine uses the steam as heating source; it has the advantage of large heating area, high efficiency, even heating, short residence time of heating and easy control. The material can be well mixed. The pot is made of stainless steel to meet the GMP requirements. Specifications can be 50kg ~1000kg capacity for option.