Supercritial Extraction
Supercritical CO2 Extraction Unit

The principle and superiority of SCFE

          Supercritical fluid extraction (SCFE) is a kind of green separation technology which separates solute from solid or liquid material by using supercritical fluid solvent. Supercritical CO2 fluid is a perfect solvent, firstly it has good permeability and low viscosity as gas, secondly it has close density and fine solution capacity as liquid, thirdly solution capacity depends on the density, pressure and temperature of solvent. So the principle of SCFE is to extract different solute from solid or liquid material by changing the density, pressure and temperature of CO2 solvent. 

Features and characteristics

         Compared with conventional separation methods, SCFE device features low extraction temp, big optionality, high efficiency, high automation, low energy consumption, low operation costs, no contamination and so on, which is especially suitable for extraction of materials with high boiling point and of heat-sensitive materials as well as of materials containing fat that is soluble. Also, it can be used to the fine separation of materials having different phases. 


         It is widely applied to the industries of biopharmaceutical, foodstuff, health care products, cosmetics, perfume, botanicals and agricultural products.

         In terms of phytoextraction, we have rich experiences in extraction of various kinds of plants/herbs, such as ginger, chilli, garlic, gingko, pepper, cumin, cinnamon, anise, tea, lupulus in the food area; lavender, aloes, almond and seaweed in cosmetics.