Extraction System
Complete Extraction Plant for botanicals

          The equipment can be used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, vegetable /plant oils, foodstuff and chemical industry. It can be applied to following processes: drug-decocting under normal pressure or pressurized state, percolation, thermal refluxing, forced circulation, infiltration, extraction of aromatic oil, reclaim of organic solvent and other procedures. This device features high efficiency, easy operation and other characteristics, for which it is widely applied to pharmacy, foodstuff and chemical engineering.

          It is a complete extraction plant for botanicals. The raw materials to be extracted diversifies as tea leaf, ginger, gingko, rose flower, Artemisia, hemp, stevia, essential oils, alga(algea), seaweeds and so on and so forth. We can make designs according to our customer's actual requirements and provide with a turn-key solution to different applications.