Extraction Equipment
4m3 Steam Distillation Unit for essential oil

It is a complete extraction plant for essential oil production. The raw materials to be extracted can be rose flower, thyme, lavender and other fragrant materials, and the final products are essential oils and other fragrant products.

Composition of the System:

This Essential Oil Extraction System is composed of a 4m3 Extractor(Still) and other accessorial parts such as a Filter, a 2m2 Condenser, a 2.5m2 Cooling Heat Exchanger, a Oil-water Separator One, a Oil-water Separator Two, a 170L Receiving Tank, a Air compressor and so on. The still uses steam distillation with no solvent, so the end products are 100% natural.

The main machine of the Extractor consists of the vessel, the Sealing Device, Top Cover opening/closing Device and the Raising-arm Device. It is a complete system with all other necessary accessorial equipment, piping/valves/instruments and controls. It is built on a platform with ladder and rails for safety protection.