Extraction Equipment
Mini Extraction&Concentration Unit


   This machine set is a kind of new energy-saving unit, which simplifies the operation procedures and facilitates the discharging. Meanwhile, it is a complete system built in a skid, combining multi-functional extraction and vacuum concentration together, which are connected each other by piping. We can ensure no leakage because the operation should be done under sealed conditions while the consumption of the energy can be greatly reduced.

         The construction material can be SS316L or SS304, which meets the GMP requirements. Featured as compact structure and small operation space, it can realize the goal of extraction/and concentration while the solvents can be reclaimed.

   It can be used to extract and concentrate herbs, fruit juice, as well as recover organic solvents in hospital, pharmaceutical plant, chemical, foodstuff and science and technology research institution, which is particularly suitable for small-batch production or testing. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can provide with vacuum pump as an option. Normally, this unit serves as a lab-testing unit. 

Main technical parameter:

The Model shown on the picture is TN100.