Falling Film Evaporator
Three-effect Falling Film Evaporator


By integrating the advantages of the imported concentration equipment with those of the counterparts used in other industries, our company designs and develops the three-effect(double-effect, single-effect) falling film concentrator which features continuous feeding operation.

Three-effect Falling film evaporator is used in Chinese traditional medicine, western medicine, glucose, juice, starch, MSG and dairy products for concentration of their liquid, waste water, especially suitable for concentration of thermally sensitive materials.


Three-effect Falling film evaporator consists of heater(single-effect, dual-effect and triple-effect.... ), separators(single-effect, dual-effect and triple-effect.... ), preheater, condenser and high pressure pump.

Evaporation system uses the method of falling film evaporation. the evaporation system can be made up of single-effect,2-effect,3-effect,4-effect,5-effect,6-effect according to the properties of compressed material and customer's requests.

It can be also used together with the forced circulation evaporator and crystallizer to deal with the concentration and product crystallization of high-viscous materials and materials liable to scale formation .

It is characterized by high efficiency of heat conduction, low power consumption etc.

It can widely adopt the waste heat (such as the drier's hot air and flue gas), the remaining heat (of condensing water, process water and flash steam) to form a waste heat evaporation machine unit.

Evaporation equipment(evaporator, concentrator, crystallizer)

1.Suitable Range:

It fits for concentrating liquid matters in the industries, such as pharmaceutical, glucose, starch, food, chemical industry and etc. It can meet the concentration of thermal matters.


2. Features:

It is mainly composed of heating chamber, evaporation chamber. and condensate chamber etc.

Low concentrating temperature wasn't breaking rapture of matter liquid, specially fit for concentrating of thermal matters. Fast evaporating speed, over 4 times of that national pointed concentration. Its evaporating volume consumption is cut down about 70%.Big specific gravity of concentration, matters are concentrated in stainless steel equipment at foamless condition. The products reach the GMP standard.