Single-effect Outer Circulation Concentrator


The concentrator is applied to the concentration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine, glucose, vintage, starch, oral liquid, foodstuff, as well as to the reclaim of organic solvents in chemical industry and etc. (for instance, alcohol), especially to the vacuum concentration of some heat-sensitive raw materials featuring characteristics of mini batches and great varieties under low temperature.


  1. Alcohol recovery: Large reclamation capacity and the vacuum concentration process make its production capacity

    5~10 times of that of the old counterpart and can lower the energy consumption for 30%, featuring small investment

    and high reclamation profit.

  2. Concentration of liquid material: The device uses the modes of outer-heated natural recycling and negative pressure

    vacuum evaporation featuring swift evaporation with great concentration ratio of 1.3; the liquid material is concentrated

    foamlessly under fully sealed state. The liquid medicine after concentration boasts no contamination or no strong smell

    of medicinal materials. Besides, it is easy to clean the vessel (All you need to do is to open the top head of the heater for cleaning).

    It is easy to operate the device and it only covers a small land area. The heater and the evaporator use a structure of

    stainless steel insulating layer. The inside finish is mirror polishing reaching sanitary grade or food grade.

  3. All the parts in contact with media are made of high-quality stainless steel, which meets the GMP standard.

Technical parameter: