Vacuum Dryer
Vacuum Dryer(Square Type)

Work Principle

Vacuum Drying means heating and drying of the materials to be processed under the vacuum state. During running, it uses vacuum pumps to exhaust the air and the moisture in order to facilitate the drying speed and efficiency.


It can make the heating temp much lower by using vacuum, which is especially suitable for drying of heat-sensitive materials. It is widely applied to pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, electronics and other industries.


This vacuum dryer can be Round Type and Square Type for choices. It used steam as heating source, with less heat loss of evaporator. Before use, the dryer can be disinfected by steam heating so that no pollutants or impurities will be broken into during the drying process, which is in accordance with the GMP requirements.

It is a kind of static vacuum drying, so the original form of raw materials will be kept with least possible harm to raw materials.

The dryer is equipped with a condenser which can effectively recover the solvent dissolved in the raw materials.