Roller Scraper Dryer
Double Roller Scraper Dryer


A.  Summary
HG Model Dryer is a new model, which is widely applied to the drying/flaking process of sticky and pasted materials. With reliable performance, it enjoys great popularity in foodstuff, pharmaceutical, chemical and other fields.

B.  Work Principle
The work principle of HG Model Dryer is to let the liquid or slurry materials form thin film on the surface of the roller heated either by steam or other heat media. It features a bigger heating surface area, higher heat efficiency and even heating. Moreover, the heating time is rather short which lasts about 10~15 seconds, so the machine is particularly suitable for the application of drying of heat-sensitive materials. The products finish being dried once the roller turns a circle, and then the scrapers will be performed to wipe down the products. The products coming out of the surface of the roller will be in contact with the raw materials again to form/and stack up another thin film for being dried repeatedly.

C.  Configuration
HG Model Roller Scraper Dryer consists of the roller, the support, the feeding device (the upper feeding or the bottom feeding by soaking), driving unit, hopper, induced draft fan and scraper device.

D.  Features
1)Using steam or thermal oil as the heating media, it features big heating area and high heat efficiency and being evenly heated.
2)The drying ratio is high and temperature gradient is big, which enables the surface of the material films to keep higher evaporation strength.
3)It also features short drying time, about 10~15 second, which is quite suitable for heat-sensitive materials.
4)It also features easy operation and easy maintenance.

It is the Double Roller Type, with production capacity greatly enhanced. The main construction material of the dryer is stainless steel. It is equipped with steam jacket for heating. It is a complete system with controls and a platform.