Multi Motion Mixer
Multi Motion Mixer

The principle: 

         Because of the multi directional movement of the mixing drum, The machine is capable of making all kinds of materials in the mixing process during operation, which accelerates the diffusion of the flow, while avoiding a general mixer produced by centrifugal force gravity segregation and accumulation of material, mixed with no dead corner, and can effectively ensure the best quality of mixed materials.
Structure: the machine consists of frame, transmission system, electric control system, multi directional movement mechanism, mixing drum and other components. The mixing drum in direct contact with the materials is made of stainless steel and the inner  shell of drum body is well polished, reaching sanitary grade.


    Because the mixing drum moves in multiple directions,there is no centrifugal force enforced on the materials, as well as no phenomena of gravity segregation, delamination and accumulation of materials. As a result, the mixing efficiency is very high, reaching up to more than 99.9%; the maximum loading rate reaches up to 80% (ordinary mixer is about 0.4-0.6), with shorter mixing time and higher efficiency.
The design of mixing drum body is unique, the inner wall of the drum has no dead corner with fine polishing, with no contamination of discharged materials, which is convenient and easy to operate and clean.


    This equipment is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, light industry, electronics, metallurgy, scientific research and so on. It features even mixing of powder or granular materials with good flowability, with the expected best mixing effect.