Hot Air Circulating Drying Oven
Hot Air Circulation Oven

   CT-C series hot air circulation oven is equipped with low noise axial flow fan and automatic temperature control system, the whole closed loop system, the thermal efficiency of the drying oven drying room from the traditional 10%-15% to the current 50%-65%, the highest thermal efficiency up to 80%. The successful design of CT-C type hot air circulation oven, so that China's economic benefits, in 1990 by the State Drug Administration issued the industry standard, unified model for RXH.
   Most of hot air inside the circle, high thermal efficiency, energy saving. Use of forced ventilation, box is provided with adjustable air distributing plate, drying uniformity. The heat source can be widely used in steam, water, electricity, hot blast stove, selection. The flower has low noise, balanced running. Automatic temperature control, convenient installation and repair. Applicable to a wide range of variety of materials can be drying, drying equipment are common.
   Hot air circulation oven is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, light industry, heavy industry and so on material and product heat curing, drying and dehydration. Such as raw material medicine, medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, extract, powder, granules, powder, pills, water bottles, pigment, dye, dehydration vegetable, dried fruit and melons, sausage, plastic resin, electrical components, paint etc.