Double-cone Dryer
Double Cone Rotary Vac Dryer


     SZG double cone rotary vacuum drying machine is a new generation of drying device developed by our company, in combination with the similar product, chain two elastic connection mode, thus the smooth operation of equipment. The special design of tooling fully features the good two-concentric shafts rotating joints, heat medium and vacuum system with reliable mechanical seal or technology from the United States. On this basis, we developed the SZG-A, it can be stepless speed regulation, and can carry out and humidity control.

     Heat medium can be optional, either high-temperature thermal oil or low-temperature hot water, steam, which is moderate to heat-sensitive raw materials. The principle of the heat energy into the sealed jacket (for example, low pressure steam or heat conduction oil), the inner shell heat transmitted to raw material to be dried; under driving of power, the vessel is rotated slowly, mixing tank material continuously, so as to strengthen the purpose of drying; the material in a vacuum, steam pressure makes the material surface moisture (solvent) to reach a state of saturation and evaporation, and the vacuum pump exhaust recovery time. Materials internal moisture (solvent) continuously to the surface infiltration, evaporation, discharge, three processes to achieve the purpose of drying, material in a very short period of time.


- when the oil is heated, the automatic constant temperature control, can be dry biochemical products and mineral raw materials;
In the temperature between 20-160 Deg C, the temperature of 2 Deg C;
- high thermal efficiency, the average increase of more than 2 times than drying oven;
- by heating, the material is not contaminated, which complies with the requirements of GMP;
- operation and maintenance of equipment is easy, it is also easy to clean the machine.


   Application of chemical, pharmaceutical, food industries such as powder, granular and fibrous materials, mixing, drying and concentration of low temperature drying material (such as biochemical products), more suitable for oxidation, volatile, sensitive, strong stimulation, toxic materials and does not allow the destruction of crystalline material drying.

Our company can design and manufacture all kinds of drying equipment with non-standard specifications according to our customer's actual requirements.

Note: We can control the rotation speed at around 1-13rpm according to the user's actual needs.