Alcohol Recovery Column
Alcohol Distillation Column


It is a complete Alcohol Distillation Still for producing spirits like Whiskey, Vodka, Brandy, Rum and etc. This device aims at raising the alcohol degree from the low concentration to high concentration by distillation.

The device is mainly applied to distillation of dilute alcohol in pharmaceutical & foodstuff industry. The device can distill dilute alcohol with initial concentration of about 15%~30% to 85˚-90˚ alcohol. The higher yield for finished alcohol degree is to be required, the more refluxing ratio the user needs to increase, but the yield will decrease accordingly. 


All the equipment in the distillation system is made of SS304, with a copper cladding on the still pot and the inside finish is fine polishing to sanitary grade. The system includes still pot, rectification column, condenser, buffer tank, cooler and connection pipes/valves/instruments.

The capacity of the still pot is 1000 gallons, the product yield rate is about 300L/h.

We can make designs according to our customer's actual needs and make the distillation still to their order to suit their actual requirements.